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Test if your screen has backlight bleed -

Test your screen for backlight bleed now

Checking if there your screen has backligh bleed is really simple! Just click on any of the colors below. You will be redirected to our backlight bleed testing app. You will be able to display any of those colors on your full screen. Then, open your eyes and carefully check for any odd stain on your screen, as on this picture:

Example of backlight bleed on an LCD screen.

Pick a color to go full screen and test your screen for backlight bleed

Testing your screen for backlight bleed might be easier with some colors rather than others. Make sure you check them all.

Not sure what a backlight bleed is? Go check our post on what is backlight bleed and come back here to perform a test.

See any misdisplayed dots rather than large stains? You might have dead pixels! We also have a dead pixel testing app similar to this one on with all the required information to perform a dead pixel test.

Tell us how your test went for you!

What is the brand of your device?

How old is your device?

Does your screen have backlight bleed?